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    Julie Sturgeon is currently on contract as the imprint manager and a development editor at Crimson Romance. She has more than 25 years experience in journalism and magazine writing/editing throughout her career, covering everything from finance  to sports reporting. That includes editorial director of two business-to-business titles. One of her favorite gigs was building the romance department at Pages magazine as its exclusive columnist from 2003 to 2007, when the publication ceased. (That’s polite wording for “it went bankrupt.”)




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    Conflict v Trouble

    Conflict: internal traits like personalities, histories, and goals that clash.
    Trouble: outside pressures that create action in a romance



    Editorial Services

    1 - Editorial Critique

    2 - Line by Line

    3 - Copy Edit

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     Top Three Pet Peeves

    Excessive breathing description

    Using stage directions (walked toward, turned to) as action

    Blushing as the only way to signal discomfort

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    Romance v Love Story

    Romance: the emotional process of falling in love

    Love story: after you commit to one another, this is what starts at the end of a romance novel.